GGN 24MX servicedepot

Book your own 24MX service depot. Only for participants in amateur classes.

Our drivers have requested the opportunity to buy a full-service concept for depot stops in the exercise classes. Many drivers do not have friends or acquaintances who go with and help. You can now book this concept which is based on you as the solo driver being able to get help with all this.

Refueling trail 1 & 2 in the amateur refueling trail will be allocated entirely to this new VIP depot service. 24MX is behind this together with the organizer. For best service there will be 24MX tent, 24MX tank mat, service staff, free petrol, drinks & fruit. Last but not least, a service team that will pep and help you through the entire competition with new energy.

“I had this service in 2021 and am super satisfied. It’s so nice not to have to fix and pack all the equipment. Then it’s a bonus that the wife and children can enjoy the competition instead of taking care of service. A much-appreciated service.”
Björn Syrén

Book 24MX servicedepot

Can be purchased directly in registration for Gotland Grand National.

This is included

  • Reserved refueling trail 1 & 2
  • Crew on site for personal service
  • 24MX tent*
  • 24MX refueling mat*
  • 24MX stool*
  • Free gas
  • Drinks and fruit for energy


995 SEK

* This is a service that we provide on site, which means that you may not keep this after competition.