The amateurs classes are the largest and most popular classes that are run both Friday and Saturday. There are 8 different classes and are divided according to the age of the participant during the competition year.


1995 SEK

Starts Friday

During Friday, there are 4 different amateur classes that run devided in two groups. Class 7 – Amateur 50-59 years at 12:45-15:45. 13:00-16:00 class 8 – Amateur women 15-29, class 9 – Amateur women 30+,  class 10 – Military, class 12 – Amateur 60+ years and class 11 Adventure for bigger MC 600cc and over.

Starts Saturday

During Saturday morning, the largest amateur classes start in the following order: 8:45 class 4 – Amateur 15-29 years, at 8:55 class 5 – Amateur 30-39 years, at 9:05 class 6 – Amateur 40-49 years with 10 minute intervals and then run together.

3h drive time

Track 2,2 mil

Most popular classes

Trophies for top drivers

Friday & Saturday

“Gotland Grand National the best long distance race of the year with mud and fun”

What is Amateur class?

In all classes, the driving time is 3 hours and is run on a track that is about 22 km long. At 3 hours, the light comes on and the driver must then drive off the track. The participant may go out on one last lap before the clock has passed 2:59:59 and complete that lap. The participants are responsible for looking at the lights at the finish that are lighted for each starting group when it is time to drive off the track at 3 hours. The last lap is automatically deducted if the driver goes out on the last lap when the time has elapsed.

Track Amateur classes

A track about 22 km with a refueling trail, lap count and finish which is divided into 22 sections.

The courses vary in soil condition as well as width and banding. Around the track, motorcycle-borne crew patrol who have radio contact with the healthcare and the competition management. If you drive through the band you must pass in the same place. Along the track there are time controls that read the transponder. 


To participate in the World’s largest enduro competition Gotland Grand National, you must have a license for the competition through Svemo. A license can only be signed if you are a member of a Svemo affiliated club, so that is the first thing you need to do. License acts as an insurance for you as a participant, should it happen to you or someone else as a participant or functionary something in the competition. If you come from another country, a start permit is required from your country’s federation.

You can buy your license here:

We release the start number about 6 weeks before the competition and notice on email and social media with it. You will then find your start number in the start list that is published on the website.

You may not have an account. Try clicking on create a new user account and see if you can create an account with your personal information. If you have already registered for a race and want to register for a new one, you must also click on create a new user account as the races are separated in the system behind. But feel free to use the same login and you will have an easier time remembering it on all your accounts in the future.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgotten password and new login information will be sent to you.

We are “seeding” after last year’s results. You will then be placed in the starting line according to the total placement from last year. So even if you change class this year, you will have your total placement this year when we match with your social security number or name.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and condition are based on Svemo’s regulations and these are additional rules that have been adjusted and approved by Svemo for this year’s Gotland Grand National.