This is
Gotland Grand National 2.0

The world’s biggest Enduro competition, the Gotland Grand National on Gotland. We’re already really looking forward to 2024 with a new area. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what level you compete at. Whether you are young or old, a meanderer or elite standard, you compete to the best of your ability and in the class you enter in. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this fantastic competition that is held in late autumn on Gotland. Registration is now open, so sign up today.

The world’s largest enduro competition, Gotland Grand National, is moving to the future arena, and it will be so good, believe us, who work with the new area around Hejdeby on Gotland. Welcome to the Gotland Grand National’s 41st year in a new and exciting Arena. Be there from the start and ride GGN 2.0 with over 3000 others right from the first year.

Update about GGN 2.0

Since August 28, 2023, we have been working on relocating the Gotland Grand National 2024 to a completely new area on Gotland, as the Armed Forces can no longer handle this large competition with its exercises during the autumn at Tofta shooting range, where the competition has been held 40 years in a row. The challenges with the new area in Hejdeby have been and are great as the area has great natural resources and GGN with 3,400 starters and 15,000 visitors already from the first year must do the right thing so that we can return for many years to come. We are 100% set on making it through this very tough journey both in terms of time and finances where we are currently in the final phase after a consultation meeting with the Gotland County Board and Region Gotland on Wednesday January 17, 2024. During the trip we have had meetings with the Police (done) , the Swedish Transport Administration (completed), the 30s landowners (completed), GEAB – Gotlands Energy (completed), Region Gotland (completed), the Gotland County Administrative Board (in progress) Gotland’s Botanical Association. The Swedish Armed Forces and the Norwegian Forestry Agency have also participated in the consultation round.

We are very likely to be at the finish line in a few months, but we are living under a big and tough time pressure as now in the middle of winter we have to submit a sharp proposal to the County Administrative Board on the track and also do an investigation of ancient remains (there are 20 in the area). Here we must take into account a large and crucial water protection area, the wildlife, alfalfa lands and other significant land species, river crayfish, wetlands, nymphs, dragon flowers, polluted lands and the area has habitats worthy of protection listed on the EU’s Species and Habitats Directive (AHD). In order to be able to lay this sharp path during the winter, we must hire a company that has these resources and certain natural values in its data bank. We have also brought in the consultant Environmental Expert and Professor Nils Ryrholm to help us on the way forward. Hejdeby is one of the areas on Gotland that has the finest imaginable nature that must be protected, and this places great demands on us as organizers but also on participants, suppliers, partners and audiences.

Together we are strong and our goal now that we have come this far is that the start of GGN 2.0 will go as planned on October 24-26 on Gotland.


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