This is
Gotland Grand National 2.0

The world’s biggest Enduro competition, the Gotland Grand National on Gotland. We’re already really looking forward to 2024 with a new area. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what level you compete at. Whether you are young or old, a meanderer or elite standard, you compete to the best of your ability and in the class you enter in. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this fantastic competition that is held in late autumn on Gotland. Registration is now open, so sign up today.

The world’s largest enduro competition, Gotland Grand National, will, after 40 years at Tofta Shooting Range, be arranged in a new arena in 2024. We are working very hard to ensure that it stays on Gotland for over 40 more years, and we are optimistic about our work. We call it the arena of the future, and it will be so good, believe us, who work with the new area around Hejdeby – Bro on Gotland. Welcome to the Gotland Grand National’s 41st year in a new and exciting Arena.



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