Membership GGN

All drivers who drive Gotland Grand National need a membership in a Svemo affiliated club. GGN Sports Club is an association that was formed in March 2018 for enduro & cross drivers.

The club’s big goal with its establishment on Gotland is to create as good and meaningful leisure for the members as possible. To get there, great investment will be made in creating the right conditions for training and competition for everyone. Such as beginners, amateurs and elite drivers.

The goal is to have a wide range of training opportunities but also unique opportunities such as training on courses that are as similar to the terrain on the GGN course as possible.

GGN Sports Club offers membership for Gotland Grand National, where you can redeem membership of SEK 300 for the entire season or as a family pay a fee of SEK 500 for everyone in the family.

Do you need a club affiliation?

GGN Sports Club is the club organizer for Gotland Grand National and offers all drivers who do not belong to the club to resolve membership smoothly and easily via GGN Sports Club.

If you want to become part of GGN Sports Club, visit or send an email to the club at

Membership/ person:

150 SEK

Membership/ family:

500 SEK