Elite, Senior, Junior, Electric

To be the winner of the world’s largest enduro competition Gotland Grand National is probably something we all dream of. In one of these classes you have the chance to realize your dreams!


1995 SEK

Here we find the absolute fastest and best drivers in the sport, who all compete against each other on Tofta shooting range. There are about 450 participants divided into 5 different classes that start together and all have the opportunity to compete for the great honor of being a winner of the Gotland Grand National and win the big honor and the prize pool.

Competitors in the Elite, Senior or Junior class all have the chance to participate and compete for winnings unless the competitor succeeds with the prestige of placing 1-3 in one of these classes. Of course, there is also a large amount of money to be won as the overall winner and in addition, this year we will invest more and the total price money will be over 200 000 SEK.

3h driving

Track 2,2 mil


Pricemoney to win


“The winning of Gotland Grand National  is one of the victories that weighs heaviest in my merits”

How to drive in the classes

In all classes, the driving time is 3 hours and is run on a track that is about 22 km long. At 3 hours, the light comes on and the driver must then drive off the track. The participant may go out on one last lap before the clock has passed 2:59:59 and complete that lap. Exception price assessment in class 18- EL takes place from the start to the lap (approx. 10 km). The participants are responsible for looking at the lights at the finish that are lighted for each starting group when it is time to drive off the track at 3 hours. The last lap is automatically deducted if the driver goes out on the last lap when the time has elapsed.

The track

A track about 22 km with a refueling trail, lap count and finish which is divided into 22 sections.

The courses vary in soil condition as well as width and banding. Around the track, motorcycle-borne crew patrol who have radio contact with the healthcare and the competition management. If you drive through the band you must pass in the same place. Along the track there are time controls that read the transponder.

Prize money to win

Total Herr75 000 SEK35 000 SEK15 000 SEK
Total Dam75 000 SEK35 000 SEK15 000 SEK
1 – Elit, Herr4 000 SEK2 000 SEK1 000 SEK
1 – Elit, Dam4 000 SEK2 000 SEK1 000 SEK
2 – Senior4 000 SEK2 000 SEK1 000 SEK
3 – Junior4 000 SEK2 000 SEK1 000 SEK


Yes, in class Elite, Senior and Junior 2 stops are obligatory. It is not necessary to refuel if there is no need but 2 passes are required. There are reading controls on entry and exit to check who has been in the refueling trail.

Starting position is only based on the participants last year’s results. If you did not drive last year, it is important that you register as soon as possible to get a place according to the registration procedure instead. Should there be any problems with the starting position, you are always welcome to contact us.

We release the start number about 6 weeks before the competition and notice on email and social media with it. You will then find your start number in the start list that is published on the website.

It is possible to add teams afterwards on your registration. Just contact us at info@nordicsportevent.se with your booking number.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and condition are based on Svemo’s regulations and these are additional rules that have been adjusted and approved by Svemo for this year’s Gotland Grand National.