Integrity Policy

We process your personal data with the utmost security, respect and consideration. We explain here how data are collected and used on this website to comply with applicable laws and regulations (GDPR). Read more about personal data at the Swedish Data Protection Authority website.

Authority website
What data do we store and for how long?
The data that are stored are the fields that each respective submission form contains. We save the data for as long as necessary with regard to the purpose of processing. We base the collection of personal data on consent.

Purpose of processing
We collect data to contact, establish, and / or maintain a business relationship.

Accessing, changing or deleting stored information
You have the right to request information on what personal data we have stored about you. To do this, you must contact the data controller. You also have the right at any time to request your personal data be corrected or deleted.

If you have any complaints about our processing of your personal data, you have the right to submit a complain to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Please note that when you register for our events, you will need to agree to the purchase terms and conditions separately. You do this when you make a purchase.

Contact details for the data protection officer & data controller
Name: Conny Bohlin
Phone: 0708-249494

Nordic Sport & Event AB (personal data controller)
Org nr: 556761-0489
Address: Broväg 10, 621 40 Visby