Girls, see how Elin prepares for the Gotland Grand National – The world’s largest enduro competition that turns 40, which we will celebrate. Also, the GGN management and seven partners decided in 2021 that GGN should reach 300 girls/ladies on the starting line in 2023.


Elin going for her first GGN and sat for the first time on an MC in June 2023. IF I DARE, YOU DARE! Come on, girls, start training, and we’ll see you on the starting line in October at Tofta shooting range on Gotland. Read more about GGN TOWARDS 300 WOMAN 2023 and find out the discount code for all new riders.

Johanna Törnvall

Imagine a girl who has never driven, only an automatic moped, at 15 years. Who will now take on and run the world’s largest enduro competition – the Gotland Grand National this October. Johanna is a 36-year-old mother who works at Gotland’s largest gym, which we can now follow with four months left until the start. The goal is to race in GGN, and we will follow her everyday life and training to race day. It’s not too late yet! Do like Johanna and set your goal to start in the world’s biggest enduro competition. You’ll see updates on her Instagram, so follow her today!

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