Gotland Grand National for visitors

Here, as a spectator to Gotland Grand National, you will find all the information you need for the area at Tofta Shooting Range and all about the competition. It is a guide for you who are in the area Tofta shooting range to get right and find out information such as: Where to buy entry tickets to the area, which classes run, how the buses in the area run and which exhibitors and food exhibitors are on place.

 Oct 26-28 th 2023

It´s a festival


30 exhibitors

The Horse shoe

Good to know!

Directions and parking, if you take the car
GGN runs on Tofta shooting range, about 16 km south from Visby. Follow road 140 towards Klintehamn. It is signposted to the competition site. Parking is available, and officials refer to the appropriate location, but we recommend that you co-operate when there is a lack of space in the area.

Free buses on site
There are buses around the entire competition area – see the public map.
Times for this are:
Friday 09: 00-14: 00 2 buses
Saturday 07: 45-14: 5 5 buses
14: 00-16: 00 2 buses.
Leave the car!

Healthcare Organization
Medical resources are available around the track and in the competition area. The competition area is equipped with a heart starter. If you as a public discover someone in need of help, call our emergency number 0761-29 72 43 and contact an official immediately. First aid-cabin is in depot 1 and doctors are at the medical area (see map).

We protect the environment
We appeal to all competitors, functionaries and audiences that you sort out. Take care of your junk and leave it at any of Ragnsell’s environmental stations.

Off Road
All off-road driving is prohibited without a permit. Driving in the competition area with a helmet and to and from his own start is allowed.

Without about 600 officials from 15 associations, GGN would not have been possible. In total, the associations earn about SEK 600,000 per contest / year for their efforts.

Trade fair
Welcome to the center for the entire GGN, an event area with exhibitors, food corners and TV monitors. Friday and Saturday 8 am-5pm

Food corner
The food area offers a taste sensation with selection from different parts of the world. Thursday 12.00-18.00 Friday: 8.00-17.00 Saturday: 8.00-17.00

Toilets are in the event area. Public toilets are marked with arrows.

Free wifi at Tofta!
Follow your favorites online. You do not need a password to connect.

Alarm number: 0761-29 72 43
Office: 0498-69 12 00

Entry tickets

Entrance 1 day: 150 SEK
Entrance 2 days: 200 SEK
Parking incl. 2 days: 50 SEK
Free for children under 12 years

All + car 1 day incl. parking: 400 SEK (Max 5 people)
All + car 2 days incl. parking: 700 SEK (Max 5 people)
Pay in cash or with swish