Partners at the Gotland Grand National

Do you want to be seen together with other partners around the world’s biggest Enduro competition with over 3,000 participants? 10,000 people travel to Gotland each year to be part of the Gotland Grand National. We work with a B2B concept with our partners where your presence can create new business opportunities in the long-term. We put together marketing packs based on you either being on site at the competition, or being seen in year round marketing on social media. For the past eight years, Swedish TV has broadcast the competition live. We can generate business for your company together.

KTM is already READY TO RACE.

KTM Scandinavia has been proud to be the main partner of the Gotland Grand National for over 10 years. As the biggest brand for motorcycles within Enduro, supporting GGN as the world’s biggest Enduro competition for all types of rider, from rookie to world no. 1, has been a given for KTM. For many riders, Gotland is their first Enduro competition and they are then hooked on the sport. The Gotland Grand National is the beating heart of Swedish Enduro around which everything to do with Enduro in Sweden revolves. As such a big name on the market, it is incredibly important for KTM to encourage all this hard work in developing the sport. KTM manufactures motorcycles all round the world today and is the world leader in the Enduro segment.

24MX a proud partner

“We at 24MX are incredibly proud of our partnership with the Gotland Grand National. One big reason why we are involved and support this event is that we are very keen to support the organisation that is totally dedicated to all the passionate Enduro riders and that does its absolute best to develop the sport to ensure it can continue. We also feel that this event is an excellent opportunity for us to get closer to our customers and get to know them better, which then enables us to offer them the best possible experience, products and support.”

FXR is a big supporter of the Gotland Grand National

FXR Racing INC chooses to be seen together with the world’s biggest Enduro competition, the Gotland Grand National, to show the most important quality of their clothing and that FXR has apparel for all the weather conditions the GGN can offer. This, together with the fact that GGN is a strong brand in Scandinavia, is why FXR Racing chooses to be seen at this event. On the right, you can watch the video FXR shot during GGN 2019.

Become a GGN partner.

If you want to be seen together with the world’s largest enduro competition – motorcycle competition, please contact us at