Golden Helmet & Youth

Here we find Gotland Grand National’s newest stars and future. There are classes for everyone and even the absolute youngest participants.


695 SEK

In the Gold Helmet Class, we have the absolute youngest participants up to the age of 12. There are 3 different Golden Helmet classes for both boys and girls. Everyone drives on Friday morning and the classes are divided into the volume of the motorcycle.

Friday’s Youth Classes are for the slightly older participants 12-16 years who are getting ready to turn 15 and be able to compete in the large amateur class. Also here, there are different classes depending on the driver’s age and volume on the motorcycle.

Youth driving 2h

Track is 10 km

GGN´s future

Golden Helmet drives 45 min

Track  is approx 3 km

What is Golden Helmet

The Golden Helmet classes are for participants who to the current year turns 12 years old. The track the youngest drives is about 3 km with its own depot and all classes have a driving time of 45 min. At 45 minutes, the participants are flagged off.

There is no competition and each participant will be allowed on tracks 2 and 2 at 10 second intervals.

Divided into the following classes:

Class 3 – Mc over 65cc to 85cc 2-stroke and from 75cc to 150cc 4-stroke
Class 4 – Mc over 50cc to 65cc 2-stroke
Class 5 – Mc max 50cc 2-stroke

“It’s an enduro competition for children that is a little difficult, but very fun!”

How to drive in Youth

The track for the Youth Classes is a loop of about 10 km with lap counting, refueling trail, finish line and is divided into 5 sections. In all classes the driving time is 2 hours. At 2 hours, the light comes on at finish and the driver must then drive off the track. The participant may go out on one last lap before the clock has passed 1:59:59 and complete that lap.

Divided as follows:

Class 1: from the year the driver turns 12 years old.
From 49cc to 85cc 2-stroke and from 75cc to 150cc 4-stroke
Class 2: from the year the driver turns 13 years old.
From 100 cc to 144 cc 2-stroke and 175 cc to 250 cc 4-stroke

There is also the opportunity for drivers aged 15–16 to pay the junior license, which also applies to the Youth class to drive the large amateur class on Saturday.


If the registered participant has changed the motorcycle and if that affects the volume, we need to change the class. Feel free to check the additional rules so that it is correct and email us at with the booking number and we will help you change class.

No one in the Youth class needs to make obligatory depot stop.

In Youth is it 20 in each starting line and will be placed in line based on previous year’s results. You will then be placed in the starting line according to your total placement from last year. You will have your total placement this year when we match with your social security number or name. If you did not drive last year, it is important that you register as soon as possible to get a place according to the registration procedure instead. Should there be any problems with the starting position, you are always welcome to contact us.

Each participant in Golden Helmet or Youth may bring 2 adults into the refueling trail.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and condition are based on Svemo’s regulations and these are additional rules that have been adjusted and approved by Svemo for this year’s Gotland Grand National.