Official GGN party and award ceremony

For the 8th year, the GGN party and the award ceremony are arranged together with Wisby Strand.

Award ceremony

The success continues from previous years at Wisby Strand.

On Friday, it’s time for the award ceremony for the youth classes (Golden Helmet classes also can participate) with the following taco buffet.

On Saturday, combine the award ceremony for all classes in Gotland Grand National that ran during the weekend’s different classes in connection with the exclusive buffets on Wisby Strand, which ends with GGN’ ‘s afterparty and the evening’s artist and DJ on stage.

Guarded parking at the harbor in Visby

Our fantastic association from Mulde VK stand on Holmen in Visby throughout the Gotland Grand National weekend and guard the parking.

The prices are as follows:
Trailer SEK 150
Passenger car SEK 150
Passenger car + trailer SEK 300
RV/ small truck SEK 200
RV / small truck + trailer SEK 350
Truck + trailer SEK 400

Payment is made to Swish: 123 0442186