Experience the Gotland Grand National

The starting point in a large field that glimmers like a mirage of clean stands and motorbikes, will be rapidly transformed into a mud bath and tough terrain. The event first started in 1984 and is now being held for the 39th year in a row. The course is a unique mix of slippery limestone, boggy terrain and mud and rapid stretches that extend over 22 km. Around 3,000 riders from 14 nations participate, a unique experience like nowhere else on Earth.

Public information – if you are coming to experience GGN

All the information you need as a spectator at the Gotland Grand National about the Tofta Shooting Range area and the competition. This is a guide to help you find your way around the area, plus information about: Where to buy entrance tickets to the area, which classes are riding, bus services in the area and locations of exhibitors and food outlets.



If you want to experience and follow GGN online

The Gotland Grand National has further developed its technology over the years and now if you are unable to come for whatever reason, you can experience the competition online. You can find all the information you need to follow this people’s party from your sofa at home. Such as TV broadcasts, live result updates, and speaker sound to maximise the experience of the world’s biggest Enduro competition via your PC or mobile device.

Vanliga frågor

Här kan du välja din favorit och se live resultat, samt resultatlistor. Klicka här

Som deltagare kommer du in gratis på området och även en medföljande i bilen. Övriga i sällskapet, besökare och publik för köpa entrébiljetter innan eller på plats. Läs mer om detta här: Upplev GGN på plats

Vi seedar efter förgående års resultat. Du seedas då efter den totala placeringen så även om du byter klass i år så kommer du seedas efter din totala placering förgående år då vi matchar med ditt personnummer. Vi seedar även i ungdomsklass, dock följer inte seedningen med när ungdomen väl byter upp till motionsklass.

Startnummer släpper vi ca 6 veckor innan tävlingen och alla deltagares startnummer kan då hittas här. Klicka här


Här hittar du kartor för området och Google Maps för att hitta till tävlingsområdet för Gotland Grand National.


The Gotland Grand National has around 600 volunteers today at Tofta Shooting Range who perform various duties during the construction and dismantling of facilities in the area and during the competition itself.

We often get inquiries from people keen to help and be part of this wonderful competition, now in its 39th year. There are a number of different duties, from working along the course, traffic stewards, parking stewards, check in staff, motorcycle first aiders and many more. Information for potential volunteers for the world’s biggest Enduro competition is available here.