GGN Challenge

A combo challenge between GGN MTB E-Bike & Enduro.

Now you can challenge yourself further during the Gotland Grand National weekend on Gotland on. We now offer you the GGN Challenge, a combination  between Thursday’s GGN MTB E-Bike and Friday’s or Saturday’s GGN Enduro competition. The total times are combined to produce combinated time.

To participate in the GGN Challenge, you must register for both competitions separately and notify us at that you intend to participate in GGN Challenge.


Type of competition MTB E-Bike
EXC – Electric Cross Country (Type 2) with pedal-driven E-Bike bikes with electric assistance, called Pedalec. For all classes, only factory-made bicycles are allowed, home construction and conversions are not allowed. The bike must be equipped with a central engine and have drive on the rear wheel, engines in the wheel hubs are not allowed. The vehicles must be equipped with pedals designed to be pedaled, the electric motor may only provide a power boost when the cyclist is pedaling at the same time. Accelerator control is not allowed.
The competitions are divided into two different categories, one for SCF, MTB E-Bike Pedalec 250w/ 25km/h and one for Svemo, E-Bike Pedalec Over 250w. Competition with lap races approx. 10 km per lap.

Gotland Grand National

Type of competition GGN Enduro
Enduro Type 2 Special – Lap race International, about 22 km per lap. Starting place Tofta shooting range, 15 km south of Visby. Average speed of max 50 km / h. Open to both registered and unregistered vehicles, not driving license requirements.

Common question

MTB E-Bike 250w /25km / h Exercise: No license required. Participants are insured by paying SEK 30 of the registration fee per participant to SCF. Participants must be 15 years or older.
Extra amateur insurance all year round read more: 

MTB E-Bike 250w /25km / h Elite motion: License via SCF required.
This can be solved via:

Elite Exercise Men / Women
The right to participate in class Elite amateur Men / Women has a cyclist who during the calendar year turns at least 15 years old and holds a competition license or signs a one-time license at the time of the competition.
One-time license: Elite amateur SEK 210 (Participants must be 15 years or older.)


MTB E-Bike 250w/ 25km /h = Approved bicycle helmet.
Over 250 cc = Approved full-face bicycle helmet.
If glasses are used, it is absolutely forbidden to throw Tear Offs along the track.

För att delta i Värdens största endurotävling Gotland Grand National krävs det att man har en licens för tävlingen genom Svemo. En licens kan endast tecknas om man är medlem i en Svemo ansluten klubb, så det är det första du behöver göra. Licens fungerar som en försäkring för dig som deltagare, om det skulle hända dig eller någon annan som en deltagare eller funktionär något på tävlingen. Om du kommer från ett annat land krävs ett starttillstånd från ditt lands federation.

Din licens köper du här:

You need to send an email to us at and inform us that you intend to participate in GGN MTB E-Bike and Enduro. This way we can keep track of your 2 different races and combine laps + times.


Here you will find maps for the area and Google Maps to find the competition area for Gotland Grand National and all classes.

Terms and conditions

Here you will find the general conditions for each competition.