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We can promise that the Gotland Grand National of the future will be extraordinary. For 40 years, GGN has been at the historic Tofta Shooting Range, and we thank the Gotland Armed Forces for that time together. Now, a new future awaits the Gotland Grand National, and that is why it is called GGN 2.0

Here, you can register for the Gotland Grand National weekend’s various competitions, and the registration is divided into three different days. The GGN MTB E-Bike competition takes place on Thursday, 24/10. If you drive one of the following: Golden Helmet, Youth, Veteran and Amateur 50-59 years, Women, Military, Adventure, and 60+, you must register by Friday, 25/10. If, on the other hand, you run Amateur 15-29, 30-39, 40-49 or Elite, Elite woman, Bredd, Junior, and El, you must register on Saturday 26/10. Friday and Saturday’s registration goes through Svemo TA.

Registration is open with a payment clause*

Gold Helmet & Youth SEK 695 (Discount – SEK 100 before 31/12 2023
Veteran, Electric SEK 895 (Discount -100 before 31/12 2023)
Motion, Width, Elite SEK 1995 (Discount -400 before 31/12 2023
MTB SEK 595 (Discount – 100 before 31/12 2023)

The price goes up to SEK 1,995 because we must have the opportunity to build the new arena with the track, network, parking lots, and much more.
But you all can register for the old price before 31/12 2023.
*If we have to move GGN to another location, we will refund the start-up fee (except for an admin fee) if you want to avoid accompanying GGN on export.

We warmly welcome you to the GGN of the future.

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GGN MTB E-bike

Here you register to ride the Gotland Grand National MTB E-Bike on Thursday 24 October 2024.

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GGN Friday

Here you register to drive the Gotland Grand National on Friday 25 October 2024

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GGN Saturday

Here you register to drive Gotland Grand National on Saturday, October 26, 2024.

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