The world’s largest enduro competition turns 40. The competition takes place on 26 – 28 October 2023 on Gotland.
Almost 1,200 of the over 3,000 participants are already registered.

Nordic Sport & Event stepped into the GGN arena in 2013 and, during these ten years, has worked to develop GGN into the future.
In 2022, when most significant events lost between 15 – 25% of their participants in Sweden. GGN increased by almost 10%.

– We are thrilled that we reached such significant participation numbers in 2022 (3,266 registered, 2,980 to the start). This year’s goal is another record with 3,100 to the start, and we need 3,400 registered. We are convinced today that we have good numbers because we managed to carry out GGN during the pandemic when it was at its worst in 2020 with a little over 2,000 participants and over 6,000 hit travelers to GGN and Gotland Says Conny Bohlin, CEO of Nordic Sport & Event.

– It was incredible for us to stand there with a completed GGN without any infected participants due to the event. We may be the only major event in Europe in 2022 that made it. Today, we benefit significantly from the fact that our participants were never forced to take a 1-2 year break, Conny Bohlin continues.

Some of the year’s highlights

– SVT Sports agreement ready for GGN 2023. There will also be over 5 hours of live TV from GGN and Gotland this year.
The agreement between Nordic Sport & Event and SVT Sport was signed during springtime in 2022 for the next two years.

– Continued investment in International live TV so that interested people all over the world can follow GGN. Through a collaboration with SVT Sport, Staylive, and Sportsground, we offered TV viewers outside Sweden to stream GGN live for only 15 Euros. The investment will continue in 2023.

– #GGN300GIRLS – this year, we will reach 300 girls/ladies on the starting line. We decided before GGN 2021 to work with some of our partners to get 300 girls/ladies on the starting line in an otherwise male-dominated sport. In 2022, we had 205 on the starting line compared to 160 the year before.

– SEK 313,000 in prize money.
In 2023, there is a whopping SEK 313,000 in prize money in the various elite classes, where the female and male winner each wins a total of SEK 75,000, the runner-up SEK 40,000, and the third SEK 15,000.

– GGN invests in the German market before 2023.
Nordic Sport & Event is now investing in putting GGN on the German market to attract more foreign participants to GGN and Gotland. We do it by hiring Gjermund Frostad, who knows the industry and will visit several competitions during the spring in Germany. It means that we will also translate the website into German shortly.
– Conny Bohlin concluded that we had great success in the German media by having world number three Larissa Papenmeier come to GGN 2022.

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On Saturday, April 15, 2023, we celebrated ten years and were also the best in Sweden in our industry in 2022.

Nordic Sport & Event started to develop GGN into the future. We had a total of 8 events for a while, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have closed 6 of these. We chose to bet on the two largest, located on Gotland, which made it easier to choose, says Conny Bohlin, CEO of Nordic Sport & Event.

In 2023, the company will hold the following two competitions. There are over 10,000 travelers to Gotland, with a turnover for the business community of almost SEK 100 million in travel, accommodation, eating, and shopping.

– Perhaps Sweden’s funniest and biggest golf competition Golfa Runt Gotland with 640 participants in May every year. In 2023, the competition in May 7 – 11. I will turn 20 in 2024.

– The world’s largest enduro competition Gotland Grand National with over 3000 participants from 15 nations in October every year. Turns 40 and will be held 26-28 October 2023.

After ten years in the arena, the company was awarded the title of INDUSTRY WINNER FOR THE YEAR 2022, which means that we were the best in Sweden in our segment.

Thank you to the participants, partners, suppliers, associations, audience, and media who make this possible year after year.