SVT Sport and Nordic Sport & Event AB have signed an exclusive 2-year agreement.

PRESS RELEASE  2022-06-30

SVT Sport signs an exclusive agreement with Gotland Grand National for 2022 and 2023!

SVT Sport and Nordic Sport & Event AB have signed an exclusive 2-year agreement on the right to broadcast from the world’s largest Enduro competition, Gotland Grand National. SVT Sport will broadcast live for around 4.5 hours, spread over 1.5 hours in the morning and about 3 hours during the elite start.

– SVT continues the investment in Gotland Grand National. We have, with the organizer Nordic Sport & Event signed a 2-year agreement where we will invite our viewers to an extensive live broadcast TV and on SVT Play, says Jan Olsson SVT Sport.

-We have worked with SVT Sport for many years, and that we have now been able to sign a contract for two years feels fantastically good, says Conny Bohlin, CEO of Nordic Sport & Event. In 2021, we had the best broadcast ever with 14 different camera angles. The investment for 2022 will be even more significant, with more and new camera angles for viewers, Conny Bohlin concludes.

The agreement also means that Nordic Sport & Event and SVT Sport are looking at the possibility that Gotland Grand National can stream outside Sweden’s borders. Where the plan is to catch up with it already by GGN 2022, says Conny Bohlin


About Gotland Grand National

Gotland Grand National is run for the 39th year in a row and is the world’s largest enduro competition, with over 3000 starting each year. The participants come from about 17 different nations to Gotland to take on this challenge. The classes are Elite, Exercise, Veteran, Military, Electricity, Youth and God Helmet.

Nordic Sport & Event has, together with nine of its partners, decided to reach 300 girls/ladies to GGN 2023. In 2021, about 125 started. The goal this year is over 200.

Gotland Grand National is held 28-29 October 2022.

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