Larissa Papenmeier from Germany is ready for GGN

PRESS RELEASE 2022-07-07
Larissa Papenmeier from Germany is ready for GGN

With four months left until the world’s largest enduro competition, Gotland Grand National, GGN has finished with one of the most qualified female motocross riders in Europe to participate in GGN.
German Larissa Papenmeier has won 10 WC competitions and has been top 3 in total in the WC for women five times.

– We are so happy that our investment in female participants is starting to have an effect, says Conny Bohlin, CEO of Nordic Sport & Event. The investment in female participants takes place in two ways. Through a new pot with prize money for women totaling SEK 50,000 to the winner, SEK 25,000 to the second, and SEK 10,000 to the third, we attract the elite from Europe to Gotland and GGN.

– The second investment is to reach 300 girls/ladies by 2023 through a 50% discount on the entry fee for those women who have never participated in GGN before, concludes Conny Bohlin.

– Larissa Papenmeier says she looks forward to coming to Gotland and GGN in October. I have heard about this prestigious competition, and I come to be at the top of the podium. As soon as the World Cup season ends, I will train before GGN. It is an entirely different form of competition from what I am used to, but I look forward to the challenge.

– It’s also absolutely fantastic that they invest in ladies; it makes me happy. And it will be so much fun to meet everyone and join GGN in October. Thanks to Yamaha Europe – Scandinavia, Yamaha Johansson MPE team, and FXR Racing, it makes it possible for me to come to Gotland and GGN concludes Larissa.

About Gotland Grand National

Gotland Grand National is run for the 39th year in a row and is the world’s largest enduro competition, with over 3000 starting each year. The participants come from about 17 different nations to Gotland to take on this tough challenge. The classes are Elite, Amateur, Veteran, Military, Electricity, Youth, and Golden Helmet.

Nordic Sport & Event has, together with nine of its partners, decided to reach 300 girls/ladies to GGN 2023. In 2021, about 125 started. The goal this year is over 200. Gotland Grand National, 28-29 October 2022.

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