GGN goes for record in the number of participants!

PRESS RELEASE – 09/09/2022

The world’s biggest MC competition Gotland Grand National against the record in the number of participants!

When most other major competitions and events in Sweden are losing participants, the Gotland Grand National is heading towards a record number of registered participants ahead of the competition weekend of 27 – 29 October 2022.


– As of today, 2022-09-09, we have a total of 2981 registered compared to 2764 at the same time for the 2021 competition, and there are 217 more. We had the record at GGN in 2018 with 3117 entries, and if the forecast holds, we should be able to land a total of 3250 – 3300 participants, which GGN has never had in its previous 38 years, says Conny Bohlin, CEO of Nordic Sport & Event.

– We have seen during the year that other large competitions and events lost 20 – 35% of their participants in all disciplines, such as running, cycling, and other major enduro competitions.

– When we have analyzed how and why GGN is increasing, we can conclude that we have successfully conducted our competition in 2020 and 2021 during the challenging pandemic period and had no break, says Conny Bohlin. Of course, more expensive electricity prices, food, petrol, and other reasons cause participants to forgo certain events. In addition, there is a lot to choose from now that everything has started simultaneously again, Conny Bohlin concludes, who is extremely happy that GGN participants decide to travel to Gotland for GGN to the extent that is now happening. Regarding the investment for GGN to reach 300 girls/ladies by 2023, we currently have 178 registered compared to 126 at the same time last year. Fifty-two more, and we hope this year to land around 200 who will start in this year’s GGN.


About the Gotland Grand National

The Gotland Grand National is run for the 39th year in a row and is the world’s largest enduro competition, with over 3,000 starters yearly. The participants come from about 17 nations to Gotland to take on this formidable challenge. The classes are Elite, Exercise, Veteran, Military, Electric, Youth, and Gold Helmet.
Nordic Sport & Event and nine of its partners have decided to reach 300 girls/ladies to GGN 2023. In 2021, about 125 came to the start. The goal this year is over 200.

The Gotland Grand National is decided on 27-29 October 2022.

Conny Bohlin +46708249494
President/CEO Nordic Sport & Event AB